Everything about Bizen pottery, and workshops where you can throw a pot

The Bizen Pottery Museum has three floors dedicated to showing you the finest in the well-known style of ceramic ware, including the third floor, which pays tribute to the work of artisans who have received National Treasure status.

The fourth floor features the contemporary work of many of the potters who are active in the community.

Quick Facts

The Bizen Pottery Festival is held annually in the museum

The Potter's District is near Inbe Station

How to Get There

Take the JR Ako Line from Okayama Station to Imbe Station. The museum is next to Imbe Station.

Workshops galore

Take part in workshops on Bizen pottery making and learn about the millennium of history behind this craft. The museum holds significant artifacts related to the development of this pottery style that requires stockpiles of reddish-brown clay and a steady supply of wood to fire the kilns.

Pottery festival

The museum also hosts an annual pottery festival on the third Sunday of October. Meet local artisans and have a look at some excellent examples of this ancient craft.

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