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Chiba | Flying Monorail

Tour around Chiba City from above on the flying monorail

As bizarre as it sounds, did you know you can experience riding a “flying” monorail only in Chiba City? Just hop on the Chiba Urban Monorail and you’ll be enjoying the views of Chiba from above! Here are three other reasons why you need to ride the Chiba Urban Monorail on your trip.

1. Ride the Guinness World Record’s train
Chiba Urban Monorail is a public transport that is one of a kind, currently holding the Guinness World Record of the longest suspended monorail train system at 15.2km.

2. View Chiba from the above
What’s unique about the Chiba Urban Monorail is instead of having the railway down below, it’s on the top! Thanks to that, you can see Chiba from the glass panel inside the train. The whole train ride from one end to the other will only take you 30 minutes but think of it as a quick tour of Chiba City instead of having to walk around the city under the heat or cold.

3. Unique and Instaworthy Train Wraps
The train’s cars have different outer wrappers. Each train’s wrapper can be cute and eye-catching. Some even present Japan’s iconic cultures and food. Sometimes there are special wrappers, where the train collaborated with popular anime or games such as Hatsune Miku. Make sure to pose and snap pictures of the Chiba Urban Monorail and let’s see what anime wrapper you get on camera!

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