JNTO Canada provides travel information to Canadians who will visit Japan.


1. JNTO Canada website

  • The JNTO Canada website provides Canadian travellers with a wealth of information that allows them to learn more about Japanese destinations as well as plan their trip


2. Maps and Brochures

  • The JNTO Canada website also allows individuals to download maps and brochures as well as request printed materials




1. Tour Development

  • Consultation for tour development
  • Introducing contacts of travel related organizations
  • Assisting in the coordination of familiarization tours


2. Marketing

  • Invitations to participate in JNTO/VJC booths at major travel shows
  • Invitations to participate in JNTO seminars for travel agents in major cities
  • Joint advertising in newspapers, magazines and related media


3. Education


4. Printed Materials

  • The JNTO Canada website allows travel professionals to download maps and brochures on our site online as well as request printed materials
  • Providing high resolution photos through the Japan Photo Library


5. Website for Travel Trade Professionals

For all trade inquiries, please contact us at




  • Providing information on Japanese inbound tourism
  • Providing high resolution photos and video footage
  • Fact checks for stories on Japan
  • Supporting journalists travelling to Japan by assisting them in obtaining information, local transportation and/or accommodations

For all media inquiries, please contact us at


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