Explore the Goodness of Japan

Experience the goodness of Japan

Yoshinori Tashiro is a professional Japanese Sumo wrestler. He made his acting debut in a Tamil film in India. In the new normal he travelled across Japan to show us not just the fascinating destinations, culture and cuisine that Japan offers, but also the best practices and safety standards that are being maintained for travel enthusiasts to come and experience the Goodness of Japan. Japan National Tourism Organization planned a perfect itinerary for you to travel to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto ending at Okinawa. Let’s enjoy anecdotes from his travel.

Onboard the Shinkansen (Bullet Train)

At Tokyo onboard the Shinkansen (Bullet Train), Tashiro San was in complete awe of its spic and span cleanliness. When the bullet trains come into the station, it has a short stopover time for cleaning - 7 minutes to be precise. The cleaning teams are from JR East TESSEI CO., Ltd., and Tashiro’san highly praised the “the 7-Minute Miracle”, a timely sanitization and cleaning procedure of the Shinkansen in just 7 minutes. Interestingly enough the word ‘Kirei’ in Japanese means both beautiful and clean.

Bullet Train

On Time, Every Time for Safe Travel


Yoshinori Tashiro travelled across Tokyo and the highlight was visiting the TOKYO SKYTREE®, Tokyo’s tallest tower standing at 634 meters. The design of the TOKYO SKYTREE was inspired by a 1400 years old Horyuji Temple pagoda. Despite enduring many earthquakes, Horyuji Pagaoda has remained perfectly intact due to a central pillar that is structurally isolated from the outer shell of the building. Likewise TOKYO SKYTREE has a cylindrical core that is used as a counterweight to the outer shell of the building. It is the first large structure to make use of this age old technology. Stringent COVID-19 coronavirus safety measures as mentioned below are followed at the TOKYO SKYTREE premises.


Safety at new heights

Wellness in Japan

With minimal aesthetics, perfectly landscaped parks and the respect with which the citizens treat each other, themselves and the surroundings, Japanese wellness is a novelty to be experienced. Here we see Tashiro’san experiencing the same. Add to that the serenity of its beautiful temples and rejuvenating therapies, meditation and healthy food at Shojin Ryori (A traditional vegetarian meal) restaurants to relish. Experience wellness in Japan like a local, and make your trip to Japan one to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.


Tradition of Wellness

Matcha Sweets Saryo Tsujiri Gion Store, Kyoto

“Matcha” flavored sweets and Gelato are healthy and delicious. They are very popular and you shouldn’t miss Matcha treats when you visit Japan.

A Taste Of India - Ganesha Restaurant, Kyoto

When it comes to food, experience a feeling just like home at Kyoto. There are 2100+ Indian restaurants in Japan where you can savour authentic Indian Vegetarian and Non vegetarian dishes. Ganesha is a must visit place to relish good Indian food.

Shopping, nightlife is safe at Osaka.

While at Osaka there is so much to do that it is absolutely bewildering, and the best part is it is safe for travelers. The Osaka Castle, Tower of the Sun Museum, shopping arcades and malls are the most famous landmarks at Osaka. Let’s travel through Osaka along with Tashiro’san.


Safe Shopping and Nightlife

Clean and pristine Sea beaches

Okinawa is Japan’s southernmost prefecture, famous for beautiful white sandy beaches and turquoise colored sea; it is hardly surprising that the prefecture has seen a boom in tourism recently with an international airport that was opened in 2019. It is the perfect place to sit back and relax. Tashiro san was highly impressed by the cleanliness at the Beach. The Banana Boat ride and many watersports are popular and should be on your list while at Okinawa.


Fun Leisure By The Sea

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is part of Ocean Expo Park and is considered one of the biggest and best aquariums in the world. Located on the coast of Motobu Peninsula, the aquarium was rebuilt in 2002 and is now home to 740 different species of underwater life.

Kouri Ohashi Bridge

A nearly 2,000 meter bridge connecting Yagaji island and Kouri island offers a spectacular emerald green ocean views on both left and right side of the bridge. Take a magical drive like Tashiro san did, he loved it!

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