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Okinawa Introduction : Japan's southernmost prefecture, Okinawa is a chain of islands with its own history as an independent kingdom and a distinctly subtropical climate, as well as the birthplace of karate. Explore the ruins and restored castles of the Ryukyu kings, and visit magnificent beaches and coastlines with an amazing array of coral and undersea life. Come for whale watching and dragon boat races, rare flora and fauna, and an island mindset that makes you forget the clock and follow the sun.


Okinawa can be stunning, engaging and therapeutic. Long pristine coast lines, silt free waters and remote coves make it perhaps one of the best spots for-snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and whale watching. Swim with coral fish in emerald waters, go kayaking in the open sea, see a humpback leap out of sea from up-close---and pay homage to Okinawa karate, where it all began!


Romantic, private and picture postcard like Okinawa is perfect for honeymooning couples. Un-crowded white sandy beaches winding along the turquoise waters, hidden coves, and ample boutique hotels allow for some quality private time in the lap of grand luxury. Walk hand in hand against the setting sun on an empty beach, dive underwater with a feed fish, race on a sea scooter with you partner---Okinawa, the ‘Jewel of the Pacific’ is all luxury, fun and frolic!


The ‘Dream Wedding’ destination for many, Okinawa with its surreally romantic locales, themed chapels, private gardens and luxury wedding planners is increasingly becoming the go-to destination for planned, theme weddings for young Japanese and Indians couples alike. Pre wedding events and riot of post wedding fun with friends and family is what Okinawa is famous for.


With world class exhibition spaces, conceptual venues, sprawling conference halls and a comprehensive ecosystem to support the biggest trade conferences and meetings, Okinawa offers a refreshing change to MICE tourists. Host conferences at Heritage sites—pick from the many castles; choose from a range of cutting edge entertainment to engage your audience; throw a spectacle with the biggest talents—Okinawa is your place for the next big gala event.


Placed strategically in the Pacific, Okinawa has always been open to hosting people from different regions, cultures and so has a strong tradition of hospitality and luxury. Accommodation in Okinawa goes beyond standard hotels, luxury suites, and star ratings to include both home stays and rural Ryokan’s. Because of its location with relation to the world, the island is also famous for its multi-cultural cuisine, its own unique seafood, tailor made spa experiences and uber luxury.



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