【Miyagi】Enjoy Sendai's spectacular autumn leaves

Enjoy Sendai's spectacular autumn leaves    
There are many places around Japan to enjoy autumn leaves, but the leaves in Tohoku are particularly vivid for their cold climate. There are various spots in Sendai to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage. The surrounding area of Akiu Onsen trees tint the landscape red and yellow, and majestic zelkova tree foliage colors the streets in hues of yellow and brown on Jozenji-dori Avenue. Nishi Koen Park and Rinnoji Temple are also must-see spots in this season. Along with the parks and gardens within Sendai City itself, if you venture a little further out of the city, you can discover vast Autumn landscapes like that of Naruko Gorge, with its impressive 100m high cliffs spanning close to 2.5km. Sendai City also provides timely information on events, restaurants, sightseeing, and shopping in Sendai through social media in English!



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