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Hokkaido’s Prized Sea Kelp

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Rausu Kombu - the foundation of traditional Japanese cuisine

Hokkaido Tourism Organization




Have you ever wondered what makes Japanese food culture unlike any other? The secret is a type of kelp called kombu, which has been a mainstay of Japanese food culture for centuries.


An incredible 90% of Japanese kombu is harvested in Hokkaido, making it a vital part of the region’s fishing industry. Of all the varieties of kombu in Hokkaido, Rausu Kombu, which is harvested in the town of Rausu in the eastern part of the island, is considered one of the most prestigious.


Rausu kombu grows in a small but nutrient-rich area and is subject to a complicated three-week-long preparation process, the result of which is a high-quality ingredient that is greatly sought after by famous gourmet restaurants across Japan.


The kombu is harvested with extreme care so as not to harm the underwater kelp forest which serves as an integral food source and spawning ground for all manner of sea life. Once dried, it is used to produce dashi, the soup stock which is a fundamental ingredient of traditional Japanese cuisine.




How to get there


1 hour 30 minutes from Nemuro Nakasibetsu Airport by bus



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