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Oita | Outdoor Hot Springs


Stimulate your senses in the unparalleled onsen of Oita Prefecture

True lovers of onsen will agree that bathing au naturel in a pool of hot spring water gushing up from Mother Earth herself can tap into our most primal emotions. Whether it's the meditative, even sacred, the experience of sitting inside a rotemburo (outdoor hot spring pool) while experiencing unfiltered nature (think snowflakes gently falling and melting on your shoulders during deep winter) or the altered states of consciousness that can be triggered after going back and forth between hot and cold pools and a sauna, the untamed pleasure and healing benefits of onsen bathing make this truly an experience like few others. Oita Prefecture is one of Japan's premier regions to experience this natural phenomenon, being home to the largest number of onsen—and the highest annual yield of hot spring water—in the entire country.

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