【Saitama】Red Spider Lilies in Kinchakuda

Kinchakuda: A place with 5 million red spider lilies
The Kinchakuda Red Spider Lily Park in Saitama's Hidaka city has over 5 million red spider lilies growing wild, making it the largest of its kind in Japan. Every year, from the middle of September to the beginning of October, many people come to see the blooming of the red spider lilies. During the peak season, the bottom of the grove is covered in a red carpet which creates a mysterious scene for visitors to enjoy. Kinchakuda is about 80 minutes from Ikebukuro Station. In Japanese Buddhism, there is a time of year called the equinoctial week where it is custom to visit a grave of one's ancestors. Since the red spider lilies bloom at the same time as the equinoctial period, some people associate this flower with Heaven. However, when people see this beautiful landscape, a tranquil and warm image comes to mind instead of a sad one.



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