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Shimabara Hibaruyama Flower Park

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A park with millions of flowers and views of Japan’s newest mountain

Shimabara Tourism Bureau



In 1991, Mt. Fugen, in Nagasaki Prefecture’s Unzen mountain range, erupted for the first time in 200 years causing a massive flow of gas, ash and rock. Thirty years later, in 1991, Shimabara Hibaruyama Flower Park was built as a symbol of reconstruction from this natural disaster.

Set in a highly volcanic area, Shimabara Hibaruyama Flower Park (formerly known as Shiba-zakura Park) overlooks Heisei Shinzan, Japan’s newest mountain. Heisei Shinzan is a lava dome formed by the rise of sticky magma on top of the volcano as it erupted over five years from 1990.

It is now a magnificent and peaceful park where in spring you can enjoy a hanami flower-viewing picnic among sakura cherry blossoms and rape blossoms. In the early summer, you can see a colorful sea of flowers formed by roughly 5 million beautiful poppies. In autumn, about 10 million cosmos flowers and about 60,000 Sunflowers are all in full bloom. Year-round it is a beautiful place to take a stroll and appreciate the changing seasons.


How to get there


10 minutes by bus from Shimabara Station.


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