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Tamiya Raden

Creations that shine with a seamless weaving of time-honored traditions

For over a thousand years, the seaside town of Kyotango in northern Kyoto has thrived as a textile production hub. In particular, it is known for a high-quality silk fabric called Tango Chirimen, a favorite among kimono makers for its texture and refined elegance.
Kyotango-based studio Tamiya Raden takes this cultural heritage a step further with its innovative technique that combines two time-honored traditional handicrafts: raden (seashell inlaying) and a textile weaving method called hiki-haku.
Though raden is usually applied to lacquerware and woodwork, Tamiya Raden has pioneered a unique method called raden weaving, which involves adhering mother-of-pearl onto paper, cutting the paper into strips, then weaving them to create exquisite handmade works of wearable art such as kimonos and obi sashes.
With their unique luster, vivid colors, and intricate detail, Tamiya Raden’s creations have dazzled not only Japan, but also the world — the studio has collaborated with Louis Vuitton and participated in Paris Fashion Week.
Take a reservation-only private tour of Tamiya Raden's studio to meet its director, observe and try the raden weaving process for yourself, and get an up-close look at the studio's handmade masterpieces.
312 Miyake, Tango-cho, Kyotango-shi, Kyoto

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