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Autumn is the season to not only see the leaves changing to brilliant shades of yellow and red, but is also crop harvesting season, and is known in Japan as the ‘Season for a Healthy Appetite’. It is an excellent time to enjoy a variety of food and fruits such as apples, persimmons, pears and grapes. Autumn is a comfortable season in terms of climate and fruit-picking tours are available all around Japan to enable visitors to taste the fresh fruits and juices of Japan, which are quite different to the tropical fruits and flavours found in Malaysia.


Another way to enjoy the season of a healthy appetite is to indulge in the Japanese style sweets which are only available at this time of the year. These popular sweets are made from seasonal produce such as chestnuts and yams and can be purchased at most department stores and convenience stores. Japan celebrates their own version of the Mooncake festival called, Otsukimi, where instead of exchanging Mooncakes, rice dumplings are offered to the moon at night. This is a great way to enjoy traditional Japanese customs and the tastes of autumn at the same time.





Seasonal Fruits


Apples and persimmons are abundant during autumn and consumed regularly by people in Japan, just like mangosteen in Malaysia. Autumn is the season to enjoy a variety of fruits in many different ways.





Autumn Sweets


Limited edition sweets, cakes and desserts can be found not only in department stores and convenience stores but also in the long-established traditional sweet shops called Wagashi-ya. Japanese style sweets, called Wagashi, use local ingredients just like Peranakan sweets but the seasonal flavours change, making it a uniquely Japanese way to enjoy different kinds of sweets throughout the year.





Moon viewing Otsukimi


This is Japan’s version of the Mooncake festival. However, instead of mooncakes, rice dumplings are made in the shape of the moon and are displayed as offerings. This is yet another unique and delicious flavour of autumn.




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