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Yamaguchi Prefecture

Kawara Soba



Kawara Soba is a local cuisine of Shimonoseki city. It consists of cha-soba (tea noodles). Along with this noodles come various toppings such as eggs and meat. It is cooked on a heated roof tile and sometimes with warm dipping sauce. Whether moistened noodles or crispy noodles, both these noodles are mouthwatering and worth a try!





Hiroshima prefecture

Hiroshima Oysters



Oysters of Hiroshima Prefecture is said to be the number one ranked oyster production in Japan. And there are many shops in Hiroshima. The Oysters flesh in Hiroshima, are known to have a rich and strong meaty flavour. Although available the whole year, the best time to indulge in this delicacy is between January to February. Not only it is tasty and delicious, but here you can enjoy only the original flavour of oysters either if raw or baked.





Shimane Prefecture

Izumo Soba Noodle



Izumo soba noodles is a famous dish that can be generally found and eaten in Izumo city. Known to be one of the most famous in Japan, this is a tourist attraction. The delicious flavour of the buckwheat noodles is what it is because of the production of the buckwheat flour of the noodles. The seed is grounded with the husk using a stone mortar hence making it darker as well as gives off a stronger buckwheat flavour. The strong aroma of this noodles will keep you craving for more.





Ehime Prefecture

Ehime Mikan



Ehime Prefecture in Shikoku produces over 250,000 tons of mikan(citrus) every year! This fruit accounts for the best in domestic shares. Variety types are available, including Mikan, Iyokan, Decopon and many more. Ehime’s mikan has various range of sweet to sour taste. Mikan can also be made into fruit juice and desserts.




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