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Niigata Prefecture

Sake of Niigata



Niigata Sake is known to be one of the top value brewery in Japan. Because Niigata water is soft water, it helps the fermentation progress slowly at a low temperature. It is a sake that is unique to Niigata with a refreshing taste.


In terms of sake production, Niigata sake is the third largest after Hyogo and Kyoto. Niigata is a kingdom of sake with a very large number of gold medal awards nationwide. It’s a definite sake to let your taste buds try, this region has to present.


At Niigata sake brewery, you will have the opportunity to do sake tasting. You can try a shot of a variety available. Moreover, in Niigata itself you can learn about each and every different type of sake brewed as it will be told.





Gifu prefecture

Fuyu Persimmon



Fuyu Persimmon is found widely in Gifu Prefecture. The harvest season for this sweet and delicious fruit comes in late November. The fruit itself is around 280 grams. When eaten, it gives a full texture to the mouthfeel leaving a sweet taste behind. It’s so fresh that these fruits can be eaten straight right off the trees too! It doesn’t only taste so fresh and yummy, these persimmons from Fuyu are a great source of fibre and contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. It is said to be a good source of antioxidant. Fuyu persimmons can be incorporated in daily cooking and baking such as cookies and cakes, salad bowls and even fruit sauces.





Yamanashi Prefecture

Yamanashi's Grapes



Yamanashi is said to be a fruit kingdom, but among them grapes are particularly famous.


The climate of these grapes are surrounded by mountains on every side. With that, there is long hours of sun shining and a little rainfall. Although during summer the weather is hot and in winter the weather is cold, the different conditions in this place gives out a type of rich water which is favourable for the grape cultivation. Yamanashi’s Grapes are also made available for fruit picking. These grapes are a must try in Japan!





Aichi Prefecture

Hitsumabushi (Grilled Eel on Rice)



Speaking of Nagoya specialties, the ever famous one is “Hitsumabushi”. This grilled eel on rice is popular because there are various ways to eat it. There are five steps to eat this famous dish of Nagoya. Firstly, divide the contents served on the bowl into four equal portions. You will be given a small bowl. In that small bowl, place one portion of the food you had divided earlier. Next, mix the condiments such as wasabi and onions given by the restaurant in the small bowl. Now you can indulge in this dish until you reach the third portion. For this, some soup broth and tea is poured in the bowl of grilled eel and rice to bring out the richness in taste while complementing the eel flavour. In Nagoya city there are many eating and drinking establishments offering ”Hitsumabushi”. It is definitely a must try delicacy!




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