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Kitsune Udon



Kitsune Udon is a classic Japanese hot noodle soup. Served in dashi broth a fish flavoured broth, it is rich and flavourful. Kitsune Udon the dish itself comprises of thick noodles, seasoned fried tofu and narutomaki (cured fish meat) as decoration. For the fried tofu, it gives a fluffy texture and delicious juicy taste because it is cooked with sugar, soy sauce after being fried. And for the noodles, it is thick, springy and chewy. It’s best to experience this Udon dish in Japan as there is a diverse version can choose to eat from. This hearty meal is easy to prepare. Kitsune Udon is most authentic when cooked traditionally in Japan.





Hyogo prefecture

Kobe Beef



The meat of “Kobe beef” produced in Kobe is one of the three biggest Japanese beef. It is notable for its great marbling and today is popular all over the world. The meat of Kobe beef is valued for its flavor, tenderness, delicacy, and well-marbled texture.The different grades of Kobe beef depend on the amount of fat that marbles on the meat. The more marbled the beef is the higher the grade of the Kobe beef. Kobe beef can be indulged in many cooking styles from steaks and sukiyaki.





Mie Prefecture

Japanese Sake of Mie Prefecture



The climate of Mie Prefecture is suitable for rice cultivation. The high quality sake rice is essential for Japanese sake brewery. The reason being why Mie prefecture is an appropriate place for sake rice cultivation is because a rich source of rainwater rinses the soil hence making good quality sake rice. When the sake turns into a mellow melting taste, the sake is known to have been cultivated using good quality water. The taste of Mie’s sake is drawing much attention as a result in many contests are held throughout the country with regards to Japanese Sake of Mie Prefecture. Mie Prefecture produces a variety of high-quality with an elegant fragrance, rich flavor and a refreshing finish sake. The variety of sake, designed for different dishes and ingredients, has become one of the leading gastronomic cultures throughout Japan.





Yudofu (Hot Water Tofu)



Yudofu also known as a hot water tofu is a simple Japanese dish. Yodofu is served hot in soup and it is a good source of protein for vegans and vegetarians. This food is soft in texture and gives a creamy mouthfeel. This ancient Japanese ingredient is found all over Japan. Being vegetarian, the tofu can be eaten as a meat substitute in Yudofu. When served warm, it can be enjoyed for its silky and custard-like texture.


Yudofu is about enjoying the simple dish and the delicate flavour of Tofu. This Japanese tofu is simply simmered in hot water and can be then eaten with a sauce. Some people prefer eating it with soup and soy sauce.




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