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Fukuoka Prefecture

Mentaiko (Pollock Roe)



A “Mentaiko” (Pollock Roe) is a classic delicacy in Japan. This dish encompasses fish eggs soaked in seasoning sauce including chilli pepper. This dish is great to eat with rice, and it is also good to have it while drinking sake. Moreover, it has an excellent compatibility with various food and condiments such as eating it with an omelette or as a pasta sauce.





Nagasaki prefecture




Over 400 years ago, Castella of Nagasaki was born. Castella is a Japanese sponge cake that is developed independently in Nagasaki. It is a dessert based on the snack which is delivered from Portugal. From a wide variety of flavours such as Chocolate, Matcha and Cheese, these Castella desserts are available for purchase.





Saga Prefecture

Ika-no-Ikizukuri (Live Squid Sashimi)



Yobuko town in Karatsu city facing the Genkai Sea in the northwestern part of Kyushu is a town of squid. This fresh squid specializing in Yobuko is a freshly made squid with an outstanding freshness. This dish meat is so transparent and is served straight out of the aquarium right after being prepared.





Kumamoto Prefecture

Horse Meat Sashimi



Kumamoto’s signature dish, Horse Meat Sashimi is most frequently enjoyed. It can be garnished with many different types of herbs and condiments such as soy sauce, grated ginger and garlic or minced leak. When the horse meat is cooked at a low temperature, the oils and natural juices from the meat will get released even at a raw state. By eating this meat this way, tourists get to enjoy the delicious marbling effects of the meat.




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