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Okinawa Prefecture

Jimami-dofu (Peanut Tofu)



Jimami-dofu is a standard menu in Okinawan Izakaya (Japanese-style bar) with the springy texture, smooth and slightly sweet taste. Tofu is typically made from soybean, but jimami-dofu is made from peanut. Jimami in English means peanut. This Jimami-dofu is made by compacting peanut’s juice. It is a popular prepared dish and dessert in Okinawa.





Okinawa prefecture

Soki Soba (Okinawan Noodles with Spare Ribs)



An Okinawan delight, Soki Soba is served with wide noodles made with flour, salt, and lye water, served in a broth made from pork bones and bonito flakes. Complimented with kamaboko (Japanese fish cake) and green onions, the dish is topped with either pork ribs, pig feet, or cooked herbs and vegetables. Different parts of Okinawa features variations of this popular cooking; differing in terms of broth, ingredients, and noodles.





Okinawa Prefecture

Yaeyama Soba



Yaeyama Soba is one of the most famous traditional dishes in Ishigaki and the Yaeyama islands. This dish is popularly eaten in the Yaeyama area of Okinawa Prefecture. The noodles are thin and the ingredients are not made of the three-layered pork. It is however often shredded Pork lean meat that’s boiled with soy sauce. The soup is mainly made out of pork bone soup and has a slightly sweet tender taste.





Okinawa Prefecture

Yagi Sashi (Raw Goat Meat)



Okinawa cuisine had been developed as its own unique food. Yagi sashi is row goat meat eaten in a similar way as seafood sashimi which is only eaten in Okinawa Prefecture. The meat is red and fresh looking, it is often eaten with grated ginger. It is also can be eaten as sushi where just place thin slices of Yagi sashi on top of sushi rice with a dab of wasabi, then you can enjoy a simple gourmet treat.




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