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Iwate Prefecture

Wanko Soba



Have you ever wondered how many bowls of noodles you can eat if given the chance to? When you are visiting Japan, you must try to keep your stomach empty and challenge your travel buddies or even just to challenge yourself on how many bowls you can say yes when the server says ‘’Hai Janjan!’’ which simply means, ‘’OK, one more serving!’’.


The atmosphere, when you experience this challenge in Japan is something unattainable in any other country as Wanko Soba noodles are a Japan origin.


The current record breaker of the number of bowls of Wanko Soba noodles eaten is 500. It sure must be tasty for the record to hit that high. So now, the real question is are you up for the challenge of eating 501 Wanko Soba noodles?





Yamagata Prefecture

Queen of Fruits “LaFrance” Pear



Yamagata Prefecture is famous for a variety of fruits and therefore is known as the Kingdom of Fruits.


However, the fruit celebrated as the queen of fruits is the “LaFrance” pear with around 80% of the pears grown in the Prefecture.


In terms of appearance it looks very different to the Japanese pear which is round like an apple.


The external appearance of La France is not what it tastes like. It may look odd on the outside, but when eaten it sure is so yummy!


LaFrance is the greatest of all pears with a juicy pulp, luscious sweetness and romantic aroma.


You can’t miss this soft and divine texture in your mouth.


Its not like any other fruit, it’s so rich in texture and once you have your first bite, you’ll be craving for more and more and MORE!





Miyagi Prefecture

Shark fin



Kesennuma city in Miyagi Prefecture accounts for the most delicious delicacy.


Shark fin soup in Japan is a major tourist attraction and it is recommended as a special dish to try. This traditional fine soup is different from other soups as it can be enjoyed as a delicious meal of excellent value such as ramen.


The blend of the chewy and gelatinous texture of the shark fin in the shark fin broth gives off a strong taste to one’s taste buds. Don’t doubt this as once you try it you would most definitely come back for more your next trip.


Shark fin soup in Kesennuma city is a great delicacy to indulge in once in a blue moon.





Fukushima Prefecture

Miso dengaku



Miso dengaku is a type of country dish where the tofu is sliced into appropriate thickness and skewered.


Miso sauce is then applied to this tofu before it is grilled.


Tofu came to Japan from China at the end of the Heian period (794 – 1185) and from here, the dish where the tofu is sliced into strips, skewered and grilled was born.


In Fukushima Prefecture, one of Aizuwakamatsu’s famous dishes is dengaku made with herrings, ginger, taros, konjac, rice cakes, and other ingredients that are skewered, applied with miso unique to the area and then grilled over coal fire.
Today, together with oden stewed in soy sauce flavored broth, miso dengaku is a popular dish that can be enjoyed all over Japan.




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