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Hiroshima Prefecture

Hiroshima Okonomiyaki



Okonomiyaki is a type of teppanyaki that uses flour and cabbages. This delicacy is characterized by mixing the flour mix with water. Once the pancake dough like mixture is made, it is spread thinly across the pan and cooked. Ingredients such as vegetables, crisps and meat are added on the dough. Once all the desired ingredients are added, another layer of the pancake dough is poured on the ingredients. In Hiroshima, Okonomiyaki style of cooking includes noodles which indulging on the Japanese savoury pancake containing a variety of ingredients.




Kochi Prefecture

Kameizumi Sake



Currently there are 18 sake breweries in Kochi Prefecture. That being said, Kameizumi Sake is a well-known rice wine. Kameizumi was founded in 1897 and is located in the central part of Kochi Prefecture. The taste characteristic of this sake can generally be summarised as a crisp acidity, minimal off-flavours and a clean finish. Kameizumi Sake also gives off a fruity aroma depicting the smell of pineapple, with a tender dry flavour that is contrary to the sweet scent. This sake is popular among both the young and old crowd.




Kagawa Prefecture

Sanuki Udon



A speciality udon of Kagawa Prefecture is Sanuki Udon. This udon is made out of thick noodles which gives off a chewy and elastic texture to one’s palate. This udon is popular to be indulged among locals and tourist throughout Japan. In Kagawa Prefecture, udon is a famous dish. Its production in all over the country is high which makes Sanuki Udon the highest consumption in Japan.




Tokushima Prefecture

Tarai Udon Noodles



The local cuisine of Awa City is Tarai Udon Noodles. This noodles are eaten in a large bowl with the natural sweetness of soy for the dipping sauce. This dish brings history with it in Japan. It is known as an outdoor dish eaten by the older day’s woodcutters. They would feast on Tarai Udon Noodles at the riverbed of Yoshino river during the last working day of the year.


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