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Pork Rice Bowl



The Pork Rice Bowl is a simple rice bowl topped with thick grilled pork slices seasoned with sweet soy sauce flavoring.


The pork bowl was originally created for stamina. The idea was to use eel, but at the time eel was too expensive and difficult to obtain.


Because pig farming had been widespread in the Tokachi district, he decided to use pork.


Using a hint of eel sauce this dish was well received and was soon put on the menu.


Eventually all other dishes were removed and the shop continued as a Pork Bowl specialty shop.






Sapporo Ramen



Hokkaido is a mecca for ramen in Japan. This is because essential ingredients to make ramen such as flour for the noodles, vegetables and seafood for the soup broth and meat for the toppings are harvested and caught fresh in Hokkaido.


Hokkaido ramen specialties include Asahikawa which is served with soy sauce, Hakodate served with salt and Sapporo served with miso styled broth.


Sapporo Ramen has a long history as a local food, and lots of Japanese people think Sapporo as a miso type ramen.


However, nowadays there are many other types of unique yet delicious Sapporo Ramen other than miso type ramen.


Sapporo Ramen is typically made with miso based soup, topped with sweetcorn, butter, bean sprouts, finely chopped pork, and garlic, and sometimes local seafood such as scallop, squid, and crab.
The soup clings on to the wavy noodles that are slightly thick. Usually the vegetables are cooked with soup and then put in the ramen.


There is a ramen shop that has been serving miso ramen in Sapporo since 1947. It has become popular nationwide and Sapporo has since become the heart for ramen in Japan.


The Ramen Street and the Ramen Republic are famous tourist attractions where you can compare various ramen noodles at the same time.


With countless types of ramen available, Sapporo has become a battleground for leading ramen restaurants competing with each other to pursue the best possible taste.





King Crab



Regarded as the Shangri-la for seafood lovers, Hokkaido boasts 4 types of crabs; the Horsehair crab, Snow crab, Hanasaki Gani and King crab or Tarabagani.


The King Crab is known as the most expensive crab out of the four and the best season to obtain these seafood delights is from September to January.


As big as their name suggests, the King Crab exceeds 1 meter when their legs are spread out.


Due to its huge size, there are many edible parts, and in spite of their size, the flavor is intricate and juicy.


Tourists from all over Japan and around the world visit this island on a food jaunt to enjoy what many claim to be the best seafood in the world.


The King Crab may be pricey, however, if you love crab, don’t miss the chance to taste the freshest and must delicious King Crab when you are at Hokkaido.





Seafood Rice Bowl



Hokkaido’s Seafood Rice Bowl or Kaisen Don is a sashimi rice bowl abundantly topped with the region’s tasty treasures of the sea.


Celebrated for its freshness and flavor, the best way to enjoy this culinary treat is to customise your own bowl with fresh ingredients straight from the market.


Many restaurants serve sliced raw seafood such as prawns, cuttlefish, salmon, tuna, scallop, salmon roe, surf clam, sea urchin and crab with the rice bowl.


Tourists can savour the luxurious Seafood Rice Bowl nearby fishing ports and the whole of Hokkaido.


Nijo-shijo market is one of the three best markets in Hokkaido renowned for its Kaisen Don.


Although located further away from the city center, the Sapporo Central Wholesale Market is also famous for eateries run by seafood shops offering dozens of different types of Kaisendon.




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