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Toyama Prefecture

Toyama Black Ramen



Toyama Black Ramen is a local noodle originating from the center of Toyama city, Toyama Prefecture.


In 1955, the soup of this dish which is thickened by soy sauce was known to be a salt supplement for the workers who were doing a lot of physical activity. They would sweat a lot hence to replace the sodium loss from their sweat, they would indulge in this salty ramen delicacy, the “ToyamaBlack Ramen”.


This dish bring back ancient history of how hardworking the labours were decades ago. It is known as a seasoning for the food, hence, can also be eaten with rice without the ramen. The soup has a high concentration of soy sauce, a large amount of coarse ground black pepper. The topping is not different from ordinary ramen such as Menma, Nori, but it has a relatively large amount of leek.




Fukui Prefecture

Kokuryu Sake



“Kokuryu” is one of the brands of sake produced by Kokuryu Sake Brewing Corporation in Fukui Prefecture. It is the finest sake produced by brewing the suitable rice, using Mt. Hakusan’s snowmelt water and Tojo Yamadanishiki from Hyogo prefecture and Ono Gohyakumangoku rice from Fukui prefecture. The sake gives a great aroma and sweet rice flavor makes it popular for generations. Besides purchasing this sake, it is also available in limited restaurants throughout Japan. 




Yamanashi Prefecture

Hoto Noodle Soup



Hoto is a local cuisine made in the area centered on Yamanashi prefecture. Hoto noodle is a braised thick noodles and the soup comes with plenty of vegetables stewed in miso soup. The serving is known to be huge and the broth of the soup is thick and so tasteful. It is soul food of Yamanashi citizens and tourists. Tourists can find Hoto at anywhere of the sightseeing spots like Houtou Fudou in Yamanashi prefecture, you can enjoy a hearty meal of Hoto Noodle Soup while having the breathtaking view of Mt Fuji.




Shizuoka Prefecture

Hamamatsu Gyoza



Hamamatsu is a town famous for its delicious delicacy, dumplings! It is known to be one of the best dumpling town nationwide. Hamamatsu Gyoza has about 80 dumplings specialty stores. Not only that, it is known that there are also more than 300 shops dealing with dumplings.


Hamamatsu dumplings are made up of boiled bean sprouts. These dumplings are arranged round on the pan and fried then turned upside down on the plate.  It almost looks like a round fan. In the middle empty spot, some garnish are added to finish up the preparation of this delicacy. Bean sprouts are normally used as the garnish. The crispy baked layer and the softness inside the dumpling will charm your tastebuds.



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