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Gunma Prefecture

Japanese Sake



Gumma is a notable spot of sake brewer. Adored for its cold fresh water, it gives a rewarding sake taste to one’s palate. Gumma the place itself is the reason for its great sake taste such as its temperature, water and atmosphere. The water is fresh, the temperature is cold at perfect degree celsius for the growth of good bacteria and the environment along Gumma is pleasant and perfect for its local sake secret recipe.


A wide variety of local sake also known as “Jizake” are made in this prefecture too. The water of Gumma prefecture is not only used for its sake brewery but also it is a water source used to make rice. The taste of the rice made from this freshwater of Gumma Prefecture is delicious like no other.





Tsukishima Monja



Tsukishima’s “Western Nakadori shopping street” is called “Monja Street”. It is a spot always crowded with tourists. Monja Street is the place popular for its Monjayaki delicacy. It is a local food in the suburbs of Tokyo. Monjayaki is a deep fried dish which gives out an authentic taste. Although Monjayaki is similar to Okonomiyaki, the only difference is the dough ratio. These two pancakes are both savoury and different in texture. Tsukishima Monja Street has over 75 restaurants now that you can indulge in.




Kanagawa Prefecture

Yokohama Chinatown



There are more than 500 shops in the area, which is Japan’s largest Chinatown in East Asia. From the Yokohama Nitta comfort zone in 1866, it goes back to a history of over 150 years strong. In Japan, Kobe Nankinmachi and Nagasaki Shinchi Chinatown, are said to be “the three great Chinese streets”. From food shops, snacks, drinks to clothes.


Here you get the opportunity to experience a different glimpse of Japanese culture in the one and only colourful Yokohama Chinatown. All the outstanding cuisine that can be found at this one place in Japan you name it, you can find it. From the Shanghai Cuisine to Guangdong Cuisine and Sichuan Cuisine and also not to miss the ancient emperor’s cuisine, the Beijing Cuisine. Since it’s the largest Chinatown in Japan, It’s simply a place you must visit.




Chiba Prefecture

Katsuura Tan-tan- men



Katsuura Tantanmen is a local ramen using the name of burgundy noodles served at restaurants in Katsuura City, Chiba Prefecture. The history of this dish is a great story to be shared with tourist when trying for the first time. Back in the days when the fisherman and divers feel chilled, they would indulge in this delicacy to keep themselves warm.


Tantanmen from the port town of Katsuura is a dish that was born from the need to warm the chilled bodies of the female divers and fishermen. The spicy soup based on soy sauce has the simple toppings of onion and the sweetness of minced meat for an extraordinary taste.


The menu features noodles based on soy sauce based lustre oil. It is common for the ingredients to have onion leek, ground minced meat, garlic and leeks. Hurry to Katsuura and try this unique ramen.




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