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Nagasaki Prefecture

Shippoku Ryori



Nagasaki’s famous cuisine, Shippoku Ryori, was created when international cultures came together in Nagasaki. It is a type of banquet dish that is a traditional Nagasaki local cuisine. The dishes have a blend of Chinese and Western style of cooking with a pinch of Japanese style. The way Shippoku Ryori is served is placed on a round table while most of the dishes are placed on big plates.



Kumamoto Prefecture

Karashi Renkon (Spicy Lotus Root)



Karashi Renkon (Spicy Lotus Root) is a regional dish of Kumamoto. A mixture of miso and Japanese karashi (hot mustard) is stuffed in the lotus root. Then the lotus root is coated in turmeric flour batter and deep-fried until crispy crust forms. Karashi Renkon is a snack that gives off a tangy taste and mouthfeel to your tongue while leaving a tickle on your nose.



Miyazaki Prefecture




Miyazaki has built a big brand with a groundbreaking harvesting method that utilizes a suitable climate for mango cultivation. The mangoes are harvested when they are fully ripe. To know when the fruits are of high quality is when the mango fruits naturally fall from the trees. The mango fruit season is from mid-April to July every year. Mangoes have grown into the major brand of Miyazaki.



Kagoshima Prefecture

Kurobuta Tonkatsu (Black Berkshire Pork Cutlets)



Pork cutlets are thickly cooked loins and a sliced meat that is fried in flour, eggs and bread crumbs in hot oil. Black pigs in Kagoshima are famous to make pork cutlet. For its moderate elasticity and also sweet taste, Kurobuta Tonkatsu is a must try! Tonkatsu is usually served with a bit of hot yellow mustard and a thick tonkatsu sauce that has a sweet and tangy flavor. Over time, Kurobuta Tonkatsu has become one of Japan’s most commonly eaten dishes.



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