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Akita Prefecture

Japanese sake of Akita



Can’t wait to experience the different sakes from the Akita region of the north of Japan?

Sake is a drink that has a rich taste and makes a good compliment to local Japanese food and many other cuisines.

Sake is well known globally, however, sake brewed in Akita, in particular, is smooth in texture and can be enjoyed on its own.

Sake is mainly produced with rice, yeast and water and is a must try because Akita has the ideal water for traditional sake brewing process.

Only in Akita, you can find out about the different features of a sake brewery and its history.

Perfect for tourist destination if you’re interested to take a tour of a sake brewery in Akita.





Iwate Prefecture

Ginga Kogen Beer



Ginga Kogen Beer never fails to give a taste of richness to ones taste buds.


The four line ups of Ginga Kogen Beer are Silver bottle, Komugi no beer, Star bottle and Weizen beer. These beers represent a range of styles brewed.


The Silver bottle and Komugi no beer has a stash of malted barley. These unfiltered beers stretches back to the ancient tradition of the art of brewing hence gives you the satisfying scent any beer lover would crave for.


What if ‘ looking for a fruity and tench of bubblegum flavour? Fret not because The Star bottle and Weizen beer are Hefeweizen also known as “white beer”. It’s a must try as Hefeweizen is believed to be good for digestion. The variation in the aroma and mouthfeel of these products is unique and something to not miss out from the imports of Japan!




Miyagi Prefecture

Matsushima Fish Market



Love to eat seafood? Matsushima Fish Market has a super fresh wide variety of fish and seafood to pick from. You could buy them back home and cook your style or you could be a tourist and try their authentic styles of fried oysters, oyster burgers, clam ramen and the list can go on.


It’s a place to explore and indulge all your fish and seafood cravings to the maximum level as there no other market with this much of choices to choose from.


If you’re into sashimi rice bowls instead you can find them here too! This market is a must not to miss and the best part is its open all year round!




Fukushima Prefecture

Kitakata ramen



Kitakata ramen is the local ramen originated in Kitakata City in Fukushima Prefecture.

It is considered as one of Japan’s three most popular ramens along side Sapporo ramen and Hakata ramen.

The soup is basically clear pork bone broth, simply seasoned with soy sauce.

The noodles have a soft texture and unique curls.

This ramen is usually served with roasted pork fillet as the main topping, accompanied with green onions, Chinese bamboo shoots, kamaboko fish cake and other side toppings.




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