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Kanazawa Curry



Kanazawa curry refers to curry rice with its own unique characteristics. This dish is mainly provided at curry rice stores in Ishikawa Prefecture at the centre of Kanazawa City. This dish is made out of thick heavy curry poured on rice. The taste of the curry is slightly sweet and this dish comes with shredded cabbage on garnish.


The blend on the thick curry to the rice and the crunch of the shredded cabbage gives a complete mouthfeel of wanting to have more mouths. It is yummy to indulge in and definitely a delicious dish that will keep your tummy full for long.





Shizuoka Prefecture

Satsuma Mandarin



Satsuma Mandarin, a type of citrus fruit is a hybrid of mandarin oranges. Satsuma Mandarin is originated in Japan. This citrus fruits is sweet yet tangy in taste. Most Satsuma Mandarin are seedless hence it’s easier to peel and eat. The method to eat these oranges is by simply peeling of the skin first. However, the juicy pulp of the orange has a right blend of tanginess and sweetness. It is definitely a fruit worth trying when in Japan.





Aichi Prefecture

Miso-Katsu (Pork cutlet with Miso-sauce)



“Miso Katsu” born in Nagoya area is a common food. It is a breaded pork cutlet which is deep fried. With the savoury miso sauce as a base, it gives a sense of completeness to the dish. Sometimes they are arranged as a single prepared dish, sometimes used in the form of cuts sandwich. Miso sauce is marketed mainly in the Tokai region. It is used not only for miso cutlet but also for oden.





Aichi Prefecture

Ogura Toast



Ogura Toast is a well-known dish in cafes in Nagoya and the surrounding Aichi prefecture. Ogura toast is simply a thick bread toast topped with sweet red bean paste. However, it is normally indulged with margarine or butter spread on top of it. The bean paste used is Ogura bean jam. In some cafes, the Ogura toast is served with either egg mayo, ham or salad of the customers’ choice. This dish is nutritious and perfect to eat alongside with a cup of coffee or tea.




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