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Takoyaki is a none other than octopus meat made into a ball shaped snack made of a wheat flour-based batter. This snack was born in Osaka. These round shaped octopus snack typically filled with minced or diced octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger, and green onion, then baked using a non-stick Takoyaki pan. It is then served and topped with a sweet sauce and mayonnaise.


Different places in Osaka serve this snack in different styles. Some Takoyaki are served with katsuobushi also known as bonito flakes. Not only common in the streets of Osaka but this snack is popular to be made at home.





Hyogo Prefecture

Ibonoito Somen



Ibonoito Somen are very thin noodles that come from Hyogo Prefecture. These noodles are hand stretched noodles made from wheat. These somen noodles can be eaten based on one’s preference. Normally eaten cold, these noodles are served in various styles from incorporating into salads, soups and desserts. Many people have been practising eating this delicacy over 600 years ago.


Ibonoito somen noodles are made in detailed following many steps. Somen noodles can be classified into different ranks based on the thinness and the manufactured date of the noodles. Although different, the speciality never fail to surprise one’s palate.





Mie Prefecture

Akafuku-Gori (Shaved Ice)



Akafuku is the name of a famous Japanese-style confectionery rice cake with red bean paste made by Akafuku in Mie Prefecture. Akafuku-gori is shaved ice with Akafuku-mochi. The texture gives out a chewy mouthfeel. The shape of the Akafuku mochi depicts the Isuzu river of Mie Prefecture.


If you notice multicolour of green, white and brownish purple dish, it is Akafu-Gori. This cold dish consists of shaved ice and is topped with sweet Akafuku mochi. Some green tea syrup is added for taste as well. This cold dessert is nice to indulge on a hot day.



Nara Prefecture

Nyumen (Somen Noodles in Hot Soup)



Nyumen is a local cuisine in Nara Prefecture. Nyumen is known as a hot dish perfect to indulge in the season of Winter. A warm soup noodle dish is called Nyumen also known as the warm version of Somen (thin Japanese noodles made of wheat flour). Somen is served cold and Nyumen is served warm. The somen noodles should be cooked the same way as for cold consumption. Add the dry noodles all at once to a good amount of rapidly boiling water. Additional ingredients such as eggs, meat and vegetables can be used based on one’s preference.




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