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Tochigi Prefecture

Utsunomiya Gyoza Dumpling



Cheap, convenient and cut your cravings. Utsunomiya Gyoza Dumpling is a snack not to be missed by any tourist in Japan. The look of it is already a piece of art for any tourist.


But wait till you try it. It’s got a variety of dumplings you can eat from. From crispy fried, steamed, boiled and grilled. These dumplings have a wide variety of flavours too. It’s small and you can’t stop just eat at once. And over 300 restaurants in just this city! You must taste all flavours at once to get the experience. It’s so yummy that’ sometimes a dozen wouldn’t be sufficient for your tummy and of course taste buds.


Don’t miss out on these gyoza dumpling! So juicy, so yummy and so unforgettable!






The Tsukiji Outer Market



It comprises of 500 shops which consist of a few blocks of wholesale and retail shops as well as restaurants such as sushi shops, marine products and cooking utensils. Those shops are crowded with professional chefs, tourists from Japan and abroad. This is one of the best places in Tokyo to enjoy fresh seafood. Tourists can find amazingly mouthwatering seafood dishes here.





Kanagawa Prefecture

Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum



The Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum is a food-themed amusement park where the interior of the building is showcased in a street-scape replication from the year 1958. There are 9 elegant ramen shops from nationwide, each featuring a ramen dish from a different region of Japan such as Sapporo, Tokyo, Hakata, Kumamoto and other local areas and each of them serves their own flavor of ramen such as soy sauce, miso, pork, and so forth. As each shop serves “mini-ramen,” smaller than one serving, visitors can visit several shops to enjoy different flavors of ramen noodles. Another popular attraction is “My Ramen Kitchen”, tourists can learn about ramen culture and history as well as make their own original brand of ramen by combining their favourite soup, noodle, sauce, oil and ingredients.





Chiba Prefecture

Nure Senbei (Soft Rice Cracker)



Nure Senbei is a speciality product of Choshi city, Chiba prefecture. This baked rice cracker is soaked in hot soy sauce to give a moist texture. This baked rice cracker dough will give out a rich soy sauce taste. Back in the ancient days, there were many places that were famous for making this unique snack.


If you’re adventurous on your taste buds, you can also explore the various other types of soft rice cracker available. It is surprising to know that Nure Senbei is also made available with cheese as well as mayonnaise. It is said that when seasoned more, the rich depth in taste will make you crave for more soft rice crackers! Are you hungry now?




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