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Fukuoka Prefecture

Hakata Ramen



Hakata Ramen is made out of pork bone soup with thin noodles. The pig bone soup is milky white opaque in colour. And for the noodles, it is not served in a large portion because the noodles are easy to stretch. However, the term “Kaedama” is used in many stores when an extra serving of noodles is required. Tonkotsu noodles in Kyushu are said to have originated from Fukuoka. It is a place where tourist can indulge in authentic ramen.





Nagasaki Prefecture

Sasebo Burgers



Sasebo is the city that serves original Sasebo Burgers. The burger recipes have said to be directly originated from the US Naval Base which started making it. These burgers are special as it will be handmade only when a customer orders for a burger. There are about 10 places now which are officially certified by the city as serving original Sasebo Burgers.





Oita Prefecture

Tori-Ten (Chicken Tempura)



Tori-Ten is a local cuisine of central Oita. This chicken tempura looks like a fried chicken from the first glance. The cooking style of this dish varies uniquely depending on the shop. Some Tori-Ten has its batter that is exceptionally light and fluffy and some are deep-fried twice to make their batter super crispy. Some Tori-Ten comes with different vegetable dressings or even eaten with ponzu, vinegar or soy sauce.





Kagoshima Prefecture

Shirokuma Shave Ice



Shirokuma Shave Ice is originated from Kagoshima city. This dessert dish is shaved ice with condensed milk that is served with canned fruits and red bean paste. This sweet specialty can be found at many cafes and restaurants in the city.




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