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Toyama Prefecture

Buri Shabu- Shabu



Speaking of winter taste of the Sea of Japan? Some might say it is a crab. However, Buri (also known as Yellow tail) of Toyama Bay is also one of the typical winter treats that is said to be “the champion of Toyama bay”. The delicacy is not only sweet but you can eat as much as you want and not throw it away. Delicacies available are such as Buri Sashimi and Buri Daikon (Radish).


From November to March, you can indulge in this delicious Buri Shabu-Shabu. This fish becomes fatty especially during winter and its most mouthwatering this time. A piece of Buri will be soaked in some hot broth for a few seconds. The fat of the fish will not be moved to the broth as the protein on the fish will hold the melted fat in tact. The best part is when savouring the piece of fish. The fatty mouthfeel and taste of the fish is so yummy and you won’t stop at once.





Nagano prefecture

Japanese sake of Nagano



Shinshu (Nagano) is a land full of beautiful nature. It is blessed by mother nature for the endless support of good quality water, climate and rice. During the season of Summer and Winter, Shinshu is a perfect place to experience the climate and sip on the Japanese sake of Nagano. Kuramoto is the sake brewery site where the labour takes place. The local sake production in Kuramoto is successful because of the climate in Shinshu. The taste of the sake in Nagano is fruity and light giving a perfect level of acidity. 





Gifu Prefecture

Hida Beef



In Gifu Prefecture, the Hida cattles are raised. Be sure to indulge in this delicacy that will allure your tastebuds. Hida beef a type of wagyu, is a popular food not only in Japan but all over the world. This meat is one of a kind because of its marbling on the meat itself. Not only that, the meat quality is fine, soft and the meat melts in the mouth giving off a rich rich flavor and taste. It is known to have a high class of being tender and delicious when eaten. This beef is considered one of the best if compared to any other types of beef.





Aichi Prefecture

Nagoya Cochin Chicken



One of Japan’s chicken, “Nagoya Cochin Chicken” is chewy with moderately fragrant fat to reddish meat. It can enjoyed to the richness of the taste. The egg is characterized by cherry-coloured eggshell, while the egg yolk is distinctive, smooth and gives off a rich taste. It almost taste just as delicious just like meat. It is a pure breed chicken as is regarded as one of the high-class, hence famous throughout the country.




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