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Shiga Prefecture

Omi Beef



Omi Beef originated from Shiga prefecture that has hundreds year history. It is recognised as one of the three most popular beef Wagyu in Japan together with Kobe beef, Matsusaka beef. Types of beef are distinguished by where they are produced and bearing the name of the area. Its meat and the marbling on it has a melt in mouth texture to crave for. This Japanese cuisine can be indulged in various ways such as sukiyaki to shabu-shabu-style hot pots. Omi beef is produced from the Japanese black cattle. Omi beef is known for its true value until today and has the longest name in history as compared to Kobe beef and Matsusaka beef.





Mie prefecture

Matsusaka Beef



Matsusaka Beef is recognised as one of the three most popular beef Wagyu in Japan. In other words, it is known to be a luxury beef. This cattle is fattened in Matsusaka city to produce the top quality Matsusaka Beef. This wagyu beef features fine marbling and a top tender meat quality. The cooking method of this beef is very crucial to get its best taste out. That is why the reason for the low melting temperature of the fats is important as it makes the dish mouthwatering to one’s taste buds.


Hence that is why this beef is known to be luxurious. Sweet sauce, soy sauce, wasabi and salt are usually used to season the beef to bring out its best flavour.





Nara Prefecture




This Japanese dish is a hot pot dish made of wild boar meat. It is also known as lamb pot. This dish is common to eat with vegetables such as mushrooms, tofu and root vegetables like potatoes and ginger. The ingredients are simmered in miso soup and sometimes you can find this speciality with soy sauce.


The dish is only filled with a lot of vegetables because of the strong wild boar smell. It is used to compensate not only the scent but it’s a great source of vitamins and minerals. This dish is considered a healthy dish. This traditional cuisine in Japan is said to keep one’s body warm during the cold season of Winter.





Wakayama Prefecture

Arida Mikan



Arida Mikan oranges are delicious and popular in Japan. These oranges are mandarin oranges from Wakayama Prefecture. Not only that these oranges have a sweet scent, but each and every different variety of Mikan has different flavours. Although all of these Arida Mikan oranges are used in the making of liquor, they are each distinct in its sweetness, size and harvest season.




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