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Tochigi Prefecture

Sano Ramen



Only in Japan, you can ever try the authentic style of Sano Ramen. Sano Ramen is a delicacy eaten in Japan by the locals. The noodles are chewy and delicious when soaked inside a flavour full broth.
The clear soup of the Sano Ramen dish can be offered in two different styles which is the soy based soup or the salt based soup. It has an aftertaste that is tasty which makes it unforgettable for anyone who tries it.


It doesn’t only taste amazingly good, but its simplicity of the ingredients gives an appealing blend of colour look to it. It is a typical dish and must be experienced by every other tourist in Japan.





Ibaraki prefecture

Dried sweet potatoes



Dried sweet potato, a signature product of Ibaraki Prefecture. 90 percent of dried sweet potatoes in Japan are from Ibaraki Prefecture. It contains moderate moisture, taste sweet and chewy. It can be enjoyed as its sliced shape or fire roast to increase the sweetness, while the surface is lightly burnt given better texture and the fragrant.






Japanese sake



Saitama Prefecture is known to be the nation’s top five producers of sake. There are many liquor stores and many different types of Japanese sake also known as rice wine. The distinct taste and smell of the wide variety of sake will keep your options open for a sake that will satisfy your taste buds. That being said, the sake brewery in Saitama uses the Tone River water system and Arakawa water system. Regardless of it being known as soft water, the quality of the water is one of a kind. The differences in both the water system give a different taste to the sake of Saitama.






Gyukaku at Akasaka (Halal Menus)



It is a grilled meat, or in other words “Yakiniku”, restaurant in Japan. You can pick up your favorite dish from vorious menues and enjoy selfe-grilled meat. Besides the regular menu, you can find Muslim friendly menu only at Akasaka restaurant to enjoy Japanese grilled meat. This is the perfect spot for Muslim travellers or locals who preserve Muslim culture and customs. This restaurant also offers “Muslim correspondence menu” to make a reservation of halal food a lot easier. It is by far a famous “Muslim Friendly Restaurant”.




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