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Fukuoka Prefecture

Motsu nabe (Hot Pot Stew)



Motsu nabe is a kind of traditional Japanese hot pot dish from Fukuoka, which is popular in Japan. “Motsu” is made from beef or pork tripe or other offal. This hot pot stew comes with vegetables such as cabbage, and are simmered with miso, soy sauce, hot pepper and garlic flavour. In Fukuoka, motsu nabe remains popular for both locals and tourists.





Saga prefecture

Onsen Yudofu (Tofu Hot Pot)



Ureshino Onsen in Saga, is known to be one to the major hot springs. This “Onsen Yudofu” specialty dish has been loved since the Edo era(1603-1868). This tofu is made from the hot spring water. With that, the ingredients of the tofu melt out and turn the soup white while making the tofu turn soft in texture. It’s a delicious and mouthwatering local gourmet that is a must to try.





Oita Prefecture

Nakatsu Karaage (Deep Fried Chicken)



Nakatsu City has many fried chicken speciality shops. These speciality shops go by the name “The Holy Land” of fried chicken. There are about 10 kinds of seasoning used such as soy sauce, salt base, garlic, ginger and many more.


The taste of the deep fried chicken varies depending on how the sauce is made and the time taken to soak the chicken. Not only that, different restaurants have different secret recipes for their deep fried chicken taste.





Miyazaki Prefecture

Chicken Nanban



Nobeoka city of Miyazaki is said to be the place of Chicken Nanban origin. It is a classic menu that is found in restaurants of Miyazaki. The basic step to make a Chicken Nanban dish is by frying the chicken in oil. Then the chicken will be lightly seasoned with sweet vinegar. And at last, tartar sauce is added and then the dish is ready to be indulged.




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