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Post 2011.3.11 General Information

Earthquake Information

Distance from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant and Radiation Dose Measurements

Dose of Radiation in the World

Latest Radiological Monitoring data in the Major Cities

The dose of radiation in Tokyo is not high in comparison with that in major cities in the world.

City Dose of Radiation (uSv/h) Date of measurement Referring Website
Tokyo 0.037 Sep. 18, 2019 Environmental radiation levels in Tokyo
New York State 0.046 Jan. 18, 2019 EPA
Paris 0.043 October. 15, 2017 IRSN
Berlin 0.078 Sep. 27, 2019 ODL-INFO
London 0.108 January. 24, 2018 EURDEP web-site
Singapore 0.1 Sep. 26, 2019 National Environmant Agency
Hong Kong 0.09-0.14 Sep. 27, 2019 Hong Kong Observatory
Beijing * 0.072 Sep. 24, 2019 National Radiation Environmental Data
Taipei 0.057 Jan. 21, 2019 Atomic Energy Council
Seoul 0.119 Sep. 24, 2019 IERNet

(*) Unit in original data is nGy/h. The figure in this table is estimated as 1uGy/h=0.8uSv/h.

Monitoring Information of environmental radioactivity level

Readings of environmental radioactivity level by prefecture

Source ? Japanese Government Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)
MEXT Official Statement:
The Japanese Government is closely monitoring radiation levels to ensure that produce with elevated levels of radioactivity is not distributed for consumption.

For details of the monitoring data of radiation, please click this link .

Readings of environmental radioactivity level in Fukushima prefecture

Reading of radioactivity level in drinking water by prefecture

Information about Radiation

For Safe Travel in Japan (Japan Tourism Agency) (PDF):

Information from Japanese Government

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Information about the Great East Japan Earthquake

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