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About Cafe / Sweets in Japan

There are two types of coffee shops in Japan. One is meant for ordering at the table, and the other over the counter.

Further, the cafes meant for ordering at the tables also has two types, one that offers a new menu and another that offers a traditional one.

Chaya and Saten offer Japanese traditional sweets.



The exact origin of udon is unknown and although there are several theories, the oldest one claims that udon came from China in the 700s. It became widely popular to the public during the Edo era in the 1600s. Much like udon, soba is also said to come from China in the 700s but did not gain popularity until the 1700s.


History of Cafe in Japan


Coffee gradually got popular in Japan after World War II. The counter type coffee shops were introduced in the 80s. After that, coffee shops start to offer sweets and evolve into the cafe we know of today.

Japan offers a variety of cafes to choose from today like the anime cafe, comic cafe, and the cosplay cafe.


Kinds of Japanese Traditional Sweets

Mitarashi Dango







Since there are a lot of cafes and coffee shops to choose from, it is better to pick one according to your purpose.


Ideal Budget

Prepare up to 500 yen for self-serviced coffee, 500-1000 yen or more for a coffee shop, and at least 700 yen for food and drink at a cafe.