Fukuoka UNESCO World Heritage


Munakata Taisha Shrine

The general company of the Munakata Sannomiya. There are three women of the Munakata Three Goddesses and the Shingaku Ichikurijima Goddess. In the precincts, you’ll find a part of the “Shimon Takamiya ritual site” which was the origin of the Hogami Temple that was later developed as the “Takamiya festival”. The Shinto shrines are still in operation today.

Government-owned Yawata Works

Following the Meiji Restoration, the growing demand for steel products accompanying the progress of the Industrial Revolution raised the momentum of establishing an integrated iron and steel mill.
The fact that it was adjacent to the Chikuho coal, which had the largest coal output in Japan, along with the enthusiastic attraction activities brought upon by the local fruits, resulted in the establishment of the government iron works in Hachiman village.
Yawata Works supported the modernization of Japan as a key factory in the Kitakyushu industrial area and opened up the path of heavy industrialization in the country.

UNESCO World Heritage – Sites of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution

The sites of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution, iron, steel, shipbuilding, and coal mining hold not only structural value but also historic value in terms of world history. They demonstrate Japan’s rapid growth over 50 years. It was the first successful adaptation of Western industrial technology by a non-Western nation. The monuments were selected for inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage in July 2015. Two of the locations are in the Fukuoka Prefecture, the Miike Coal Mine in Omuta City and the Yawata Steel Works of Kitakyushu City.

Former Mitsui Minato Club

The former Mitsui Minato Club is a western-style mansion that was built in half-timber style. The club opened in conjunction with the Miike Port in eastern Fukuoka and catered to sailors from abroad. It’s currently being used as a cafe, restaurant, and wedding hall where visitors can have a glimpse of old-world luxury.



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