Kobe Jazz Street


What is Kobe Jazz Street

Kobe Jazz Street is a jazz event held during autumn in Kobe City’s Sannomiya Kitanozaka area, which is regarded as the birthplace of jazz in Japan. Every year, artists from Japan and abroad are invited to perform at multiple venues.

History of Kobe Jazz Street

In April 1923, the first professional jazz band in Japan was formed in Kobe, and the first “Kobe Jazz Street” was held in 1982. It was the 37th year of the event in 2018.

What to expect from Kobe Jazz Street

A popular program is a collaboration between overseas musicians and Japanese musicians. Moreover, sessions are formed freely without distinction between professional and amateur jazz singers. That’s what Kobe Jazz Street has to offer and what to listen to.


The winner of the festival’s Kobe Award will participate in that year’s Kobe Jazz street, in partnership with Breda Jazz Festival held in Breda, the Netherlands.



The event starts with an opening parade with the marching jazz band going to Kitanozaka. The entire city of Kobe is enveloped in New Orleans. After that, you can enjoy the attractive performances of the artists at each venue.

Ticket costs:

  • One-day ticket – 4,500 Yen (advance sales 4,000 yen)
  • Two-day ticket – 8,500 Yen (advance sales 7,500 yen)

By presenting tags instead of admission tickets, entering and leaving each venue is free.

*There is a possibility of fluctuation depending on the holding year

When it is held

It is held on two days of Saturday and Sunday in early October from 12:00 nn to 5:00 pm. The parade will start from Hankyu Kobe Sannomiya Station north side at 11:00 am on both days.

Where it is held

JR Sannomiya Station, Hankyu Kobe Sannomiya Station, JR Hanshin Motomachi Station area, Sannomiya / Kitano-machi, live houses in the Toroad venue, and so on.


Kobe Jazz Street Official website