Nipponbashi Street Festa


What is the Nipponbashi Street Festa

“Nihonbashi Street Festa” is a big event to be held in Osaka’s “Nihonbashi Den Ten Town” in March every year, known as the most famous holy place of Otaku in western Japan, alongside Akihabara. In the event main street is open to cosplay participants gathered from all over Japan.

History of the Nipponbashi Street Festa

“Nihonbashi Street Festa”, which started with about 130,000 visitors and about 300 cosplay participants in 2005, has held 14 times so far, and in the year of 2018 it was attended by 260,000 visitors , It has grown to events with over 10,000 cosplay participation from all over the country. It is now known as the largest cosplay event in Japan.

What to expect from Nipponbashi Street Festa

Both size and content of the event are enriched every year. It has grown to an event attracting attention not only locally, but also internationally.

Also a must see cosplay parade where 1,000 people participate! It is an event that not only cosplayers but also animation fans fully enjoy as well.


Enjoy watching various parades and roadside events as well as shopping. You can also dress up as a character and join in the parade (entry fee is need).

When it is held

Begining of March in every year.


Where it is held

It is in front of Emi Susumacho Subway Station on Sakaisuji Subway Line, while it is a 5 to 10-minute walk from Namba Station, Nankai Namba Station and Kintetsu Nanba Station, and a 20-minute walk from JR Namba Station.


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