Umeda Joypolis 梅田ジョイポリス

A playground of virtual thrills and adventures

While arcades largely disappeared at the end of the 1980s in the west, they remain a popular all-ages entertainment destination in Japan. Play old and new arcade games, go river rafting and hang gliding, or terrify yourself in the spooky Room of Living Dolls. SEGA's Umeda Joypolis provides the most complete Japanese arcade experience.

How to Get There

Reach Umeda Joyopolis by train.

Umeda Joypolis is located on the eighth floor of the HEP Five Department Store adjacent to JR Osaka and Umeda stations. It is bordered by the Hankyu Department Store and Hankyu Men's Department Store.

Spend an afternoon exploring Osaka Station

Check out Joypolis in the mid- to late afternoon for a couple of hours. Then head to the top of the HEP Five building to ride on the massive Ferris wheel.

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