Korankei Valley 香嵐渓


Aichi's best-known autumnal foliage spot

A beautiful ravine stretching from the Iimori mountains to the Tomoe River, Korankei Valley is a top spot to enjoy the autumn leaves erupting in color.

How to Get There

With good connections from Nagoya Station , you can get to Korankei Valley in around one hour and 40 minutes.

The most direct method is to take a train from Meitetsu Nagoya Station towards Toyohashi. Get off at Higashi Okazaki and take a Meitetsu Korankai bus to Korankei Valley. The bus takes a little over an hour from Higashi Okazaki, and there is approximately one bus per hour.

Quick Facts

Korankei's maple trees reach full color in mid-November.

From November 1, the maple trees are illuminated until 9 p.m.

Magnificent maples

Korankei Valley is considered to be the best spot for autumn colors in the entire Chubu region. Join the thousands of visitors who flock to the area each year and bask in the beauty of some 4,000 maple trees as they turn a vibrant red through November.

In the 17th century, monks planted maple trees along the river, prompting locals to do likewise, and these form the stunning sight you can see today. Stand on the Taigetsukyo Bridge that affords sights of both riverbanks simultaneously.

Beacons of red in the night

The surrounding park is large enough that you can stroll around for a good two hours. There are also yatai food stalls during peak season, so gorge yourself on the delicious festival fare. As night falls, the trees are illuminated, endowing the area with extra glow.

As Korankei Valley is such a popular place during the maple-viewing season, you may have to contend with large crowds, but the views are certainly worth it.

Year-long attractions

The park is open all year and beautiful in any season. Between March and April the area is particularly popular as koi carp flags hang across the river in celebration of Children's Day. Outside of peak season, amenities such as food stalls are fewer and the bus service is less frequent.

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