Kobuchizawa Outlet Shopping Mall 八ヶ岳リゾートアウトレット

Kobuchizawa Outlet Shopping Mall
Kobuchizawa Outlet Shopping Mall

A perfect spot to pick up local souvenirs and great bargains

Set against a backdrop of rolling hills, Resort Outlets Yatsugatake may very well be one of Japan's most picturesque shopping outlets. Visit here to for retail therapy in unbeatable surroundings.

Quick Facts

Shopping areas include Brand Fashion, Sports and Outdoors, Shoes, Home Accessories and Restaurants

There are over 70 stores at the mall

The outlet has stunning views of the Minami Alps and Mount Yatsugatake

How to Get There

Reach the mall by car or train.

For those arriving by public transport, the resort is a 10-minute taxi ride from JR Kobuchizawa Station, roughly a three-hour journey from Tokyo via the Chuo Line. Alternatively, reach Resort Outlets Yatsugatake by car via the Chuo Expressway.

Parking to spare

There is enough parking for 2,000 cars and 15 buses, but even so the car parks can overflow with guests during the peak seasons of the summer and winter vacations. The outlet is a regular stopoff for guided bus tours, so prepare for the mall to sometimes get very crowded quite suddenly.

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