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Hitachi Seaside Park (Nemophila Blooms) 国営ひたち海浜公園

Nemophila & Kochia at Hitachi Seaside Park Nemophila & Kochia at Hitachi Seaside Park
Nemophila & Kochia at Hitachi Seaside Park Nemophila & Kochia at Hitachi Seaside Park

Nemophila and kochia at Hitachi Seaside Park

Hitachi Seaside Park is one of Ibaraki's many gorgeous parks with beautiful pale blue nemophila in spring, and the vivid crimson kochia bushes in fall.

How to Get There

Hitachi Seaside Park is about two hours from Tokyo by public transportation.

Take the JR Joban Line from Shinagawa, Tokyo or Ueno stations to Katsuta Station, about an hour and a half away. Then transfer to a bus to the park for a 15-minute ride.

The other option is to take a highway bus from Tokyo Station to Hitachi Seaside Park. It takes about two and a half hours.

Quick Facts

From late April to mid-May, the park's 5.3 million nemophila flowers turn Miharashi Hill pale blue with tinges of violet

Nemophila's nickname is "baby blue eyes"

The flowers are round and transparent with a sky-blue color

Blue landscape

The blooming nemophila flowers create an incredible scene of contrasting blues with the blue sky and ocean nearby. The view from atop Miharashi Hill is ethereal and otherworldly.

Nemophila calendar

The baby blue eyes bloom in late April and gradually lose their color, turning pale during May, so the best time to see them is at the beginning of their blooming season.

Kochia calendar

In the fall, the park's iconic Kochia brush gives it a fluffy carpet. The Kochia bushes are planted in the summer, and as fall approaches, they grow wilder and woolier. From September to mid-October, when they carpet the park's ground, they start to turn from green to a vivid crimson.

Miharashi Hill view

Miharashi Hill offers an excellent view of the crimson kochia brushes, along with the two million cosmoses nearby, which bloom with brilliant white, pink, and red flowers.

Hitachi Seaside Park activities

While you're there to enjoy the colors, you can also enjoy the park's amusement park, wide open fields, cycling and BMX courses, barbecue area, and restaurants.

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