Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park 京急油壺マリンパーク

Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park
Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park

A fun coastal marine park, not far from Tokyo

Residents of the deep, friendly penguins, and other aquatic animals welcome families at Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park on the picturesque Miura Coast

Don't Miss

  • Penguin Island and its sea lion neighbors
  • The promontory, featuring a spectacular view of Mt. Fuji and the Izu Peninsula on clear days
  • Log Terrace restaurant and the tuna specials

How to Get There

You can get to the aquarium by train followed by bus or taxi.

The marine park is a little over an hour away from Shinagawa Station in Tokyo on the Keikyu Line. Take the train to Misakiguchi Station, followed by a 16-minute bus ride directly to the facility.

Rare shark sightings

One of the highlights of the park is Sakana no Kuni, or Fish World. This includes a total-surround aquarium and a section focused on various shark species, including three-meter-long sand sharks. Look for a replica of the Megamouth, an oversized, filter-feeding shark that is rarely seen by humans.

Dolphin shows

Sea lions and penguins also inhabit this family-friendly zoo. The penguin colony has been primarily bred onsite, and the little ones are especially popular.

Equally appealing are the otters living in Otter Forest, some of who are tame enough to pet.

An indoor theater ensures the regularly scheduled shows, featuring dolphins, sea lions and other marine life are safe from bad weather.

Dine on local fare

There's a restaurant here that offers a simple menu focused on locally sourced food, including tuna brought in from the nearby town of Misaki.

A deserted beach and Tuna City

A path to the right of the park leads down to a secluded and pristine beach. Or, take another short bus ride to Misaki, sometimes called Tuna City. Fans of maguro should visit the large, lively seafood market and dine at one of the many restaurants serving tuna specials. Early risers can catch the tuna auctions.

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