Shuzenji Onsen 修善寺温泉


Traditional ambiance at one of Japan's oldest hot spring resorts

Shuzenji Onsen, a hot springs resort reportedly in use for over 14 centuries, is close to many inns that line the banks of the Katsura River. The hot springs and public footbaths will make your aches and stress fade away.

How to Get There

You can quickly reach Shuzenji Onsen by bus, taxi, or on foot from Shuzenji Station.

From Tokyo, take the bullet train to Mishima (45 to 60 minutes). Transfer to the Izuhakone Railway's Sunzu Line for the 30-minute ride onward to Shuzenji. Shuzenji Onsen is eight minutes away by bus from Izuhakone Railway Shuzenji Station. A taxi will take slightly less time. It is also within walking distance.

Quick Facts

Tokko-no-yu, Shuzenji's most famous hot spring, is in the middle of town

There are several traditional inns where you can stay overnight

Shuzenji ranks in Japan's top 100 hot spring resorts

Shuzenji Onsen's public bath

At Hakoyu, the town's public bath, you can take a dip in the area's famous hot spring waters. In addition, many of the inns in the area open their baths to non-staying guests during the day for a small fee.

Try a Shuzenji Onsen specialty

If you'd like to try a drink with a singular kick, be sure to stop at Shuzenji Station to buy a local product of the area, wasabi shochu. This unique drink is a distilled spirit made with wasabi, Japanese horseradish. Shizuoka Prefecture produces around 80 percent of Japan's wasabi.

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