Namiha no Yu 波葉の湯

An onsen complex with an open-air bath and one of the largest hot-stone saunas in Fukuoka

Namiha no Yu is perhaps the easiest hot spring to get to in Fukuoka City . Though it might lack the rustic charm of some countryside onsen, the facility is modern and well-equipped, and a perfect option if you want the Japanese onsen experience but have limited time.

How to Get There

You can get to Namiha no Yu easily by bus.

The #46 and #99 buses leave Hakata Station once every 10 minutes, while the #20 and #90 buses leave Tenjin Station every 15 minutes.

First and last-minute relaxation

Namiha no Yu is part of the Hakata Port Area complex to the north of Tenjin Station. If you've just stepped off a ferry and want an immediate taste of Japanese culture, there's nothing better.

Similarly, the onsen is the perfect place to enjoy a last bath before a long voyage. You can relax in style and comfort—they even have a hammock space—only minutes away from the ferry terminal.

The watery and stony details

The water for the baths is piped up from 800 meters below, and the complex has one of the largest hot stone saunas in Fukuoka. There's also an open-air bath, a restaurant, a massage salon, and a hairdresser attached to the complex.

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