Yamanami Highway (Oita) やまなみハイウェイ

kokonoe & around
kokonoe & around

A driving course taking through Kyushu's scenic spots and hot spring towns

Running through the grass-covered hills of Kyushu , this highway is a popular route for a scenic roadtrip. It connects Beppu Kanko International Port in Beppu City and Ichinomiya in Aso City. It is also known as Prefectural Route 11. Its exceptional beauty, peppered with rural villages and hot spring towns, makes it a favorite on the itineraries of road trippers in Japan.

Quick Facts

The drive includes stunning views of the area's mountains and vast plains

Don't forget to visit the hot spring towns en route, including Beppu, Yufuin, Kokonoe, Kuju, and Nagayu

There are ample opportunities for hiking, birdwatching and taking in the nearby area

How to Get There

Car rental facilities are available in nearby towns. The Kyushu Odan Bus, known as the Trans Kyushu Bus runs between Kumamoto and Beppu , stopping at Kumamoto Airport, Aso , Kurokawa Onsen, the Kuju Mountains and Yufuin. There are several buses per day, so check timetables ahead of travel.

Near Yamanami Highway (Oita)

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Yamanami Highway (Oita) Oita-ken
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