Museum 104° 水の国 ミュージアム104℃

Museum 104° offers an immersive (and mostly liquid) artistic and sensory experience

Set in a picturesque rural valley where it meets the Gono River , Museum 104° is a modern art museum that combines design, architecture, and landscaping with works of art that have been commissioned specifically for the site. The result is a fascinating, immersive experience.

Don't Miss

  • The soundscape of the Garden of Silence
  • Educational fun at Water Science Hall
  • The delicious bento lunches

How to Get There

Museum 104° is in a very remote part of Shimane Prefecture , but it is accessible from Shikaga Station on the Sanko Line. The Sanko Line connects Gotsu Station on the Sanin Main Line and Miyoshi Station in Hiroshima, which connects to the Geibi and Fukuen lines.

The museum is a 30-minute walk from Shikaga Station. Cross the bridge over the river and then head left downstream.

Quick Facts

“Archimedes' Gate” by Eric Orr is the museum's iconic piece, centered in the inner courtyard “lake” of the gallery

Museum 104° is known commonly as Mizunokuni, the Land of Water, since the vast majority of its exhibits employ water as a subject

The museum is designed with Noah's Ark of the Old Testament and Ararat Mountain as its inspiration

Explore and discover the “land of water”

Museum 104° invites you to explore and discover by yourself rather than presenting you with a piece of art separated from its environment. Much of the art is kinetic, and some is interactive. The Water & Song Hall and the Palace of Illusion are huge spaces involving more than your eyes.

The term “104°” in the museum's name refers to the angle between the hydrogen and oxygen molecules in water.

Enjoyable in every season

In the Garden of Silence, you will be drawn to faint sounds of modern-day suikinkutsu, vessels used to collect water and amplify its sound, used in traditional garden design.

In the hands-on science hall, you can listen to music underwater, play a water organ, and even create your own vortex. Learning is fun no matter what your age.

Try the delicious homemade lunch in the small cafe. Everything is made fresh from local organic ingredients. The bento lunches are legendary, but they sell out quickly.

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