Hokkaido University Poplar Avenue 北大イチョウ並木

Hokkaido University poplar avenue
Hokkaido University poplar avenue

Trees that are a symbol of Hokkaido University

A path lined with tall poplar trees extends from the back of the Psychology Department to the first of Hokkaido University's farms.

Quick Facts

Hokkaido University Poplar Avenue is approximately 250 meters long

The lifespan of a poplar tree is typically 60 to 70 years

There is a new poplar avenue 500 meters north of the original one

How to Get There

Hokkaido University Poplar Avenue is about a 10-minute walk from the northwest exit of Sapporo Station .

Bask in the majesty of these tall trees

Hokkaido University Poplar Avenue grew gradually, with a few trees brought back from America in 1903 by Hiroshi Mori. In 1911 more trees were brought back to Hokkaido to use as windbreaks for the college's farm—this was the beginning of the tree-lined avenue.

It's a lovely place to walk, but don't forget to check out the maidenhair and gingko trees along the east gates as well.

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