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Sunmesse Nichinan サンメッセ日南

Sunmesse Nichinan Sunmesse Nichinan
Sunmesse Nichinan Sunmesse Nichinan

A seaside theme park with epic views and giant Easter Island Moai replicas

Perched on top of a hill overlooking the azure expanses of the Pacific Ocean, Sunmesse Nichinan is an open park area famous for its replica Easter Island Moai statues. Spend a couple of hours here and relax as the sea breeze keeps you cool.

Don't Miss

  • The replica Moai statues overlooking the ocean
  • Touching each statue for good luck in various aspects of life
  • The photo opportunities overlooking small bays and coves

How to Get There

Access is by car or bus.

Head south from Miyazaki on Route 220 and drive toward Udo-jingu Shrine . It's about five minutes before Udo-jingu on the right side of the road. You can also board a bus from Miyazaki Station that takes 65 minutes to the Moai Saki bus stop.

Touch the Moai statues for luck

The main attraction at Sunmesse Nichinan is undoubtedly the replica Moai statues. Standing over five meters tall, they are perched above the ocean.

Legend has it that if you touch the second statue from the right, you'll be blessed with economic fortune, and if you touch the third statue from the left, you're sure to be lucky in love.

You can also find some interesting architecture and buildings in the park area, which are great for photography enthusiasts.

Get stunning ocean views

If you're feeling particularly energetic, there are lots of steps and hills to climb up. At the top you'll find some of the most beautiful views in the entire Miyazaki region.

Famous dishes

While you're here, consider tasting Miyazaki's famous chicken nanban.

For a full day out, consider taking a leisure drive down the Nichinan coast, stopping by Udo-jingu , surfing at Umegahama, and spending a few hours at Sunmesse Nichinan.

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