Asahi Brewery Shikoku アサヒビール四国工場

An intoxicating feast for the senses

Beer loves shouldn't miss a trip to this iconic brewery. Asahi Brewery Shikoku is fed the purest water from the nearby Mt. Ishizuchi, one of Japan's seven sacred peaks. Here you can taste the freshest beer available while learning all about its origins.

Don't Miss

  • Hike the awe-inspiring nearby Mt. Kamegamori
  • English language tours that run regularly
  • Taste a variety of Asahi beers fresh from the source

How to Get There

Located in Saijo, the Asahi Brewery Shikoku is accessible by train from both Matsuyama and Takamatsu.

From around 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. a free shuttle bus runs every hour between the brewery and Saijo Station.

On weekends and holidays, there is an extended service. By train, Saijo Station is one hour from Matsuyama and two hours from Takamatsu in Kagawa by Ishizuchi Limited Express train.

Worldwide enterprise

After booking your tour in advance, an English-speaking guide will take you through each step of the brewing process, lasting for around an hour. The tour includes a number of video presentations that take you deeper into Asahi's brewing process.

From hop to glass

Asahi uses hops and barley from around the world to make their beer. Hands-on exhibits let you touch and smell the ingredients. It's these humble grains that are combined into the ubiquitous Asahi beer.

Taste the freshest beer in Shikoku

Fancy a challenge? At the end of your tour, you'll have 20 minutes to drink up to three glasses of delicious beer. There are three kinds to choose from: Asahi Super Dry, Dry Premium, and Dry Black. For those who don't drink alcohol, there's Calpis and Mitsuya Cider available. The beer hall offers an all-you-can-eat-and-drink meal option.

Venture to the mountains

The nearby Ishizuchi mountain range overlooks the beer hall, an atmospheric reminder of where the drink begins. A trip to Mt. Ishizuchi by bus and ropeway is about two hours away. Enjoy the views offered from the observation tower and bask in the rich foliage.

For further exploration

There is not enough time in one day to hike to the top of Mt. Ishizuchi and make the brewery trip, but a hike on Mt. Kamegamori, directly opposite Ishizuchi, should still leave enough time to squeeze in a brewery tour in at the end. The trail is only accessible by car and takes around two and a half hours to walk.

Energetic festivities

The ideal time for your visit to the brewery is during the Saijo Festival from October 14 to 17. Take in the cacophony of sounds and soak up the carnival atmosphere that fills the streets. Tall danjiri floats with ornate carvings are processed through the city to the beat of taiko drums. It's a show perfectly accompanied by locally brewed Asahi.

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