Hoshinoya Kyoto 星のや京都


A luxurious riverside retreat

Arashiyama lies to the west of central Kyoto and is known for its natural beauty, flowing river, and traditional architecture. Hoshinoya Kyoto embodies all of this and more from its discreet location above the banks of the River Oi. Accessible by a 15-minute private wooden boat ride that encourages leaving one's cares and worries behind, visitors arrive refreshed. The resort contains a main building and a number of freestanding villas, all unified by design themes of Japanese simplicity and craftsmanship.

The Michelin-starred restaurant serves an excellent French meal, while breakfast is served in the room. Tea ceremonies are held several times a day, and the grounds make for enjoyable strolling. Many guests take the boat back and forth to explore the rest of the city's many attractions, happy to return at the end of each busy day.


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